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A collection of top rated free online games to play at PlayGamesArcade.com
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Who Wants to Be a MillionaireWho Wants to Be a Millionaire - web game. The online video game version of the popular TV games show ...
Rated: (4.79/5 rating)
Total Plays: 60365
Play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Horrid Henry: Gets in Trouble
Horrid Henry: Gets in TroubleHorrid Henry: Gets in Trouble - flash game. Help Horrid Henry annoy his family by making noises, doi ...
Rated: (4.36/5 rating)
Total Plays: 159953
Play Horrid Henry: Gets in Trouble
Horrid Henry: Find the Hidden Gizmos
Horrid Henry: Find the Hidden GizmosHorrid Henry: Find the Hidden Gizmos - flash game. The object of this Horrid Henry game is to help H ...
Rated: (4.16/5 rating)
Total Plays: 93496
Play Horrid Henry: Find the Hidden Gizmos
Bartender: The Right Mix
Bartender: The Right MixBartender: The Right Mix - Pour, shake and serve! This is a explosive cocktail mixing game for crazy ...
Rated: (4.01/5 rating)
Total Plays: 24639
Play Bartender: The Right Mix
Happy Wheels
Happy WheelsHappy Wheels is a bloody physics-based vehicle racing game. Choose your inadequately Happy Wheels ra ...
Rated: (3.95/5 rating)
Total Plays: 39592
Play Happy Wheels
Shopping Cart Hero 2
Shopping Cart Hero 2Survive death defying acts while riding a shopping cart downhill, going airborne and attempting many ...
Rated: (3.88/5 rating)
Total Plays: 12909
Play Shopping Cart Hero 2
Bloons Tower Defense 4
Bloons Tower Defense 4Bloons Tower Defense 4 features improved graphics, loads of new and original tower types and tons of ...
Rated: (3.86/5 rating)
Total Plays: 31130
Play Bloons Tower Defense 4
SAS: Zombie Assault 2
SAS: Zombie Assault 2Play SAS: Zombie Assault 2. After successfully completing the first mission, our hero is now sent to ...
Rated: (3.80/5 rating)
Total Plays: 14419
Play SAS: Zombie Assault 2
Bloods Vs Crips
Bloods Vs CripsBloods Vs Crips? Red or blue? Who ya down wit? Grab ya gat, rep ya set! Do battle with them fools in ...
Rated: (3.80/5 rating)
Total Plays: 27998
Play Bloods Vs Crips
Bejeweld 2
Bejeweld 2Gem-swapping puzzle game. The aim of this classic bejeweled game is to swap adjacent gems to match s ...
Rated: (3.75/5 rating)
Total Plays: 6183
Play Bejeweld 2
Water Balloon Drop Hit n Strip
Water Balloon Drop Hit n StripYou live in a dark, seedy part of town. Working late each night, you have come up with a secret poti ...
Rated: (3.75/5 rating)
Total Plays: 27018
Play Water Balloon Drop Hit n Strip
Apple Shooter
Apple ShooterApple Shooter - bow and arrow archery, target shooting game. In Apple Shooter you have to shoot the ...
Rated: (3.71/5 rating)
Total Plays: 15705
Play Apple Shooter
Abduction!Play Abduction, a funny online action game with great gameplay. Aliens have arrived on earth and hav ...
Rated: (3.68/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3773
Play Abduction!
Street Fighter II - Champion Edition
Street Fighter II - Champion EditionPlay Street Fighter II - Champion Edition online, the most popular classic fighting game. Originally ...
Rated: (3.67/5 rating)
Total Plays: 10303
Play Street Fighter II - Champion Edition
Dummy Never Fails
Dummy Never FailsThrow crash dummies like a ragdoll to reach the goal, less pain the better! Play 52 levels to unlock ...
Rated: (3.65/5 rating)
Total Plays: 8789
Play Dummy Never Fails
RazeRaze is the ultimate fighting game! Battle against Aliens, Robots, and Zombies in this futuristic fi ...
Rated: (3.65/5 rating)
Total Plays: 4365
Play Raze
Crash Bandicoot Online
Crash Bandicoot OnlineCrash Bandicoot Online, this is the Flash game remake of the classic platform game - Crash Bandicoot ...
Rated: (3.64/5 rating)
Total Plays: 22391
Play Crash Bandicoot Online
Mario Super
Mario SuperThe game idea is a little bit old as the old Mario Bros from NES or Pegasus console. Nothing more t ...
Rated: (3.64/5 rating)
Total Plays: 14415
Play Mario Super
Toss The Turtle
Toss The TurtlePlay Toss The Turtle - skill flash game. Use cannons, bombs, and jetpacks to shoot your turtle as fa ...
Rated: (3.64/5 rating)
Total Plays: 8128
Play Toss The Turtle
BMX Master
BMX MasterBMX Master - stunt bike online web game. Become the next Champion by performing mad tricks. The more ...
Rated: (3.63/5 rating)
Total Plays: 7162
Play BMX Master
Kung Fu Panda World : Fireworks Cart Racing
Kung Fu Panda World : Fireworks Cart RacingHey speed racer, whats more fun than a regular race? Racing on a fireworks-powered cart, of course! ...
Rated: (3.61/5 rating)
Total Plays: 29649
Play Kung Fu Panda World : Fireworks Cart Racing
Harry Potter: Dobbey Hunt
Harry Potter: Dobbey HuntDobbey is back again, and this time hes gone hiding in Dobbey Hunt, a Harry Potter hidden object gam ...
Rated: (3.60/5 rating)
Total Plays: 6667
Play Harry Potter: Dobbey Hunt
SeedSeed - plant evolution flash game. A game where you can plant, grow, and splice flowers. The flowers ...
Rated: (3.59/5 rating)
Total Plays: 14249
Play Seed
The Flood Runner 2
The Flood Runner 2Run away from the flood and avoid the obstacles. Get a high score to win.
Rated: (3.59/5 rating)
Total Plays: 8030
Play The Flood Runner 2
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