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Play Games Arcade - Rhythm Flash Games. Rhythm games require timing and fast reaction.
Battle of the Bands online game
Battle of the BandsGet ready to rock in Battle of the Bands! Guitar Hero styled rhythm game. Choose your band members a ...
Rated: (3.03/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2664
Play Battle of the Bands
Bimmin online game
BimminHelp Bimmin escape from this hungry dinosaur by jumping over stumps, hills and other obstacles while ...
Rated: (3.17/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2381
Play Bimmin
Bimmin 2 online game
Bimmin 2Play Bimmin 2, it has been a year since our young hero managed to outrun the mighty dinosaur and ear ...
Rated: (3.03/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1689
Play Bimmin 2
Bird Frenzy online game
Bird FrenzyBig B Bird needs to feed her chicks before they starve in this Bird Frenzy rhythm game. It is up to ...
Rated: (2.97/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2057
Play Bird Frenzy
Dance Floor Destroyer online game
Dance Floor DestroyerDance Floor Destroyer - Choose your DJ or import your own Meez avatar to do the spinning. You are a ...
Rated: (3.11/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2132
Play Dance Floor Destroyer
DJ Fest online game
DJ FestHey DJ, play as DJ Fest and make some noise! DJ Fest is a free life style game where you have funk m ...
Rated: (3.18/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2208
Play DJ Fest
Eggs N Pots online game
Eggs N PotsEggs N Pots is a small fun rhythm game which you control eggs, jumping them up from the pot to the p ...
Rated: (3.03/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1873
Play Eggs N Pots
Epic Coaster online game
Epic CoasterPlay Epic Coaster online game and have a fast paced thrill with an epic roller coaster ride on an un ...
Rated: (3.18/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2072
Play Epic Coaster
Fireworks Fantasy online game
Fireworks FantasyFireworks Fantasy - Rhythm Game. Make perfect fireworks by firing same color shapes with music and r ...
Rated: (3.00/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1806
Play Fireworks Fantasy
Flying Fish online game
Flying FishCollect pearls why making an exciting voyage accross the sea! Many dangers and untold adventures awa ...
Rated: (3.03/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1583
Play Flying Fish
Guitar Geek online game
Guitar GeekPlay the guitar with your keyboard and become the ultimate Guitar Geek! Strum away on your heavy ...
Rated: (3.09/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3338
Play Guitar Geek
Hip Hop Star online game
Hip Hop StarBecome a Hip Hop Star in this fast pase rhythm game.
Rated: (3.07/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3325
Play Hip Hop Star
Jungle Tower online game
Jungle TowerBuild the highest Jungle Tower in this cool high scores game based on box2D engine and simple but ad ...
Rated: (3.06/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1605
Play Jungle Tower
Lin Chung Combat online game
Lin Chung CombatWhen High Roller and his evil minions launch their attack on Big Green, Lin Chung is the only champi ...
Rated: (3.00/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1856
Play Lin Chung Combat
Mini Drum Pro online game
Mini Drum ProMini Drum Pro - become a master of the drums rhythm web game! Learn to play drums with a tutorial, t ...
Rated: (3.04/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3836
Play Mini Drum Pro
Oil Worm online game
Oil WormOil Worm is a side scroller rhythm game which involves collecting stars and try to avoid obstacles.
Rated: (3.06/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1788
Play Oil Worm
Orchard of three foxes online game
Orchard of three foxesOrchard of three foxes is a unique skill game, a challenge of both players reaction and rhythm skill ...
Rated: (3.00/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1544
Play Orchard of three foxes
Paper Train online game
Paper TrainPlay Paper Train - web strategy rhythm timing game. Control the railway traffic without crashing any ...
Rated: (3.15/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2493
Play Paper Train
Pepe Pillz online game
Pepe PillzPepe Pillz - Hardcore Pursuit. Mr Hebert Pepe does not want to take his pills and does not really li ...
Rated: (3.12/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1858
Play Pepe Pillz
RoboPogo online game
RoboPogoA flash game produced by robotJAM featuring robopogo, all illustrated cartoon characters. Balance th ...
Rated: (3.06/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1418
Play RoboPogo
Robot Unicorn Attack online game
Robot Unicorn AttackPlay Robot Unicorn Attack, a rare gem of a free online rhythm game. Highly addictive, this game has ...
Rated: (3.11/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3498
Play Robot Unicorn Attack
Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas online game
Santa Rockstar: Metal XmasPlay Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas - guitar hero style rhythm game! Prove your guitar skills in a epic ...
Rated: (3.03/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2719
Play Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas
Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 2 online game
Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 2Play Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 2 - guitar hero style rhythm game! Last year Santa defeated the Grin ...
Rated: (3.12/5 rating)
Total Plays: 4857
Play Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 2
Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 online game
Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3Play Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3, a rock/metal music rhythm game similar to Guitar Hero. Play Chris ...
Rated: (3.09/5 rating)
Total Plays: 4148
Play Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3
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