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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Play Games Arcade

Question: Why should I register as a member?
Answer: Members that signup join the community. Not only is it good for keeping a list of your favourite games, but you can also upload your own games, earn points, message and chat with other members, rate/comment on games, add friends and even make new ones. Members will also be able to add their website URL and select a personal avatar to be shown in their profile.

Question: How can I update my profile?
Answer: Member's can modify their profile at any time by just logging into the arcade.

Question: Do I have to become a member to play and enjoy the games?
Answer: Not at all, the games are all free to play! You just miss out on some of the extra features; you may or may not be interested in. It's up to you.

Question: Why do I get a flash plug-in install screen rather than a game?
Answer: You might not have the latest version of the 'Flash Plug-in' installed for your web-browser. 'Play Games Arcade' requires the Flash Player plug-in to fully enjoy the site and play the free internet games. 'Flash' is a very widely used player that provides us powerful capabilities to make your site experience more enjoyable. All the games on 'Play Games Arcade' use the 'Flash Plug-in'.

You can download the latest 'Macromedia Flash Player' from here: Adobe Flash Plugin

Question: Why does a game not display or I just see a blank screen?
Answer: Some games are large in size and could take a while to load, depending on your connection speed. While the game is loading it may just display a white or black screen, just give them some time. Most games will have a progress bar and may display an advert while loading. Please be patient, because in general those games come with better graphic quality! If it still seems stuck after a while, try refreshing the page which will reload it.

Question: How do I get up on the 'Top Players' list?
Answer: Once a member, you get points for different tasks, surfing the site, playing games, rating them, commenting, and referring other members, etc. By being an active member of the community, you gain more points each day and the people with the highest points makes it to the 'Top Players' list. Have fun!

Question: Can I submit my high scores?
Answer: Some of the games will let you submit your high score and when its game over it will give you the option.

Question: Is there a way to save my game?
Answer: Again this will depend on the game; unfortunately most flash games will not have this feature.

Question: What are the minimum system requirements to play the games?
Answer: There is no minimum to play; it will just depend on the game you are trying to run.

  • You will require a web-browser with the browser Plug-in: Flash 8.0+

  • 'Play Games Arcade' is best experienced on a high speed internet connection such as DSL.

  • I recommend downloading the latest version of your preferred browser.

  • On all browsers, you should have JavaScript enabled and cookies allowed.

  • Screen Resolution is best view at 1024x768+

Question: I would like to report a bug in a game or on the website?
Answer: Sure, all feedback is welcome and I'll do my best to correct it. There is varies ways you can do this, use our contact forum, use report dead game button on the games page, or post a comment on the game.

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