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Play online action games at Play Games Arcade. Want something a little faster paced? Action Games, require higher reaction speed and good hand-eye coordination. Jumping, battling enemies and obstacles.

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42 - The Game online game
42 - The Game42 is a platform game in which you collect exactly 42 stars to activate and enter portals. There are ...
Rated: (3.24/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3730
Play 42 - The Game
Abduction XP online game
Abduction XPThe aliens kidnapped you! Escape trough their evil experiments. Platform
Rated: (3.11/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1453
Play Abduction XP
Abduction! online game
Abduction!Play Abduction, a funny online action game with great gameplay. Aliens have arrived on earth and hav ...
Rated: (3.68/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3777
Play Abduction!
Aces High F-15 Strike online game
Aces High F-15 StrikeMaster the skies as you take flight in your F-15 plane. Take out the ground and air enemies shooting ...
Rated: (3.40/5 rating)
Total Plays: 11322
Play Aces High F-15 Strike
AdvanSnake online game
AdvanSnakeWe've all played one or more variations of this game. My goal was to create an updated version ...
Rated: (3.11/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2662
Play AdvanSnake
After Glow online game
After GlowAfter Glow flash game - Trapped in an ancient alien space pilot training facility you must use your ...
Rated: (3.14/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2212
Play After Glow
Airborne Kangaroo online game
Airborne KangarooAirborne Kangaroo is a funny game in which you have to help this kangaroo to jump to the top. Collec ...
Rated: (3.15/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2244
Play Airborne Kangaroo
Airmail online game
AirmailYou use to be an airmail employee who enjoyed your job, however your boss has been breathing down yo ...
Rated: (3.00/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3201
Play Airmail
Alexs cat online game
Alexs catAlexs cat - flash game. This crazy kitty is starving. Help him to get some mice to live on. With eve ...
Rated: (3.19/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2945
Play Alexs cat
Alien Hominid online game
Alien HominidYour UFO has crash landed, and the FBI is out to get you. Time to take them out! Blast FBI agents in ...
Rated: (3.32/5 rating)
Total Plays: 9847
Play Alien Hominid
Altshift online game
AltshiftAltshift flash game - Become a test subject of a scientist who has kidnapped the one you love. Explo ...
Rated: (3.47/5 rating)
Total Plays: 12300
Play Altshift
Amoeba online game
AmoebaAmoeba - Survive the waves of viruses invading your petri dish! Steer your Amoeba around the petri t ...
Rated: (3.13/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2367
Play Amoeba
Antivirus Game: The Fun Of Killing Viruses online game
Antivirus Game: The Fun Of Killing VirusesHave fun killing off computer viruses, trojan horses, worms and other malware as they invade in this ...
Rated: (2.97/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3748
Play Antivirus Game: The Fun Of Killing Viruses
Armor Mayhem online game
Armor MayhemPlay Armor Mayhem - unreal flash styled platform shooter game! Humanity is at a turning point. Infin ...
Rated: (3.33/5 rating)
Total Plays: 5205
Play Armor Mayhem
Awesome Tanks 2 online game
Awesome Tanks 2Awesome Tanks is back, with more, bigger and longer-lasting upgrades!
Rated: (3.13/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2139
Play Awesome Tanks 2
Ballfrog online game
BallfrogBreak your way through 20 levels worth of targets in this Puzzle Bobble / Peggle style game. Destro ...
Rated: (3.00/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2339
Play Ballfrog
Bang! Heroes online game
Bang! HeroesBang! Heroes, wild western platformer web game. Evil is stirring in the West. Steambots and bandits ...
Rated: (3.18/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3255
Play Bang! Heroes
Battle Blocks online game
Battle BlocksClick blocks to explode them, don't let them touch the top!
Rated: (3.10/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3796
Play Battle Blocks
Bed and Breakfast 2 online game
Bed and Breakfast 2The second part in the popular Bed and Breakfast game series. This time with many more levels, lots ...
Rated: (3.12/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2735
Play Bed and Breakfast 2
Berzerk Ball online game
Berzerk BallBerzerk Ball, the expansion pack of the original Homerun game. A brand new look for the game, new we ...
Rated: (3.33/5 rating)
Total Plays: 4270
Play Berzerk Ball
Berzerk Ball 2 online game
Berzerk Ball 2Let out some rage on internet geeks and smash them into oblivion! Berzerk Ball 2 is finally here! Yo ...
Rated: (3.16/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2000
Play Berzerk Ball 2
BinB online game
BinBMochiGames Exclusive! Clear the underground dungeons from monsters in this pixely bomberman-style g ...
Rated: (3.06/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1909
Play BinB
Bip The Caveboy online game
Bip The CaveboyA retro mario-style platform game following Bip a young caveboy set in a prehistoric time. Collect c ...
Rated: (3.12/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2612
Play Bip The Caveboy
Bird Saver online game
Bird SaverSave the small birds falling from the tree. Get powerups and try to avoid the apples.
Rated: (2.91/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2007
Play Bird Saver
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