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About Us - Play Games Arcade

Our goal is to provide you 'the User' with the best quality 'Free Online Video Games' in a friendly arcade community, where you can get together and hang with friends and other fellow gamers.

Deliver fresh games:
New games will be provided all the time, keeping the content fresh and fun. We present games from hundreds of developers from all over the world. Each game is carefully picked and reviewed for quality and game play.

We listen to what you want:
At 'Play Games Arcade' your opinion matters, players know what they like and we make it easy for them to tell us and others. We hand it over to you to rate and comment as you play and review again depending on what you say.

5-Star Rating System:
The '5-Star Rating System' allows players to rate the games they have just played. As the collection of ratings goes up, if rated highly, the game may get promoted to the featured games for all to access easily from the homepage and enjoy. If many users however rate it poorly, it might be removed from the site since it's not up to your high standards.

Game Commenting:
Members can add their own comments to specific games they play and it will be displayed below. Tell others it's the most awesome you've ever played, maybe it's not the best, too hard, too easy, stuck on a level, give a walkthrough, or just say hi, etc. No spamming, swearing, advertising, or abuse please as you might get a warning or banned. Let us and others know what you think.

Like the game so much you want all your friends to join in on the action too? Tell a friend will email them the link to the game for them to play. Don't worry we hate spam as much as you, your and their email will only be used to create and send the email, not stored or used in any other way.

Registered member's will be given their own profile that will keep track of the games they play and enjoy, see the last 5 games they've played and even mark a specific game as their favourite, make friends and chat with the community.

Banned Member:
People caught swearing, attempting to spam, advertise without permission, or abusing the system in any way will be warned or banned. Once a member has been banned their membership profile and any comments they have made will be automatically removed.

Link Trading:
If you're a webmaster with your own quality arcade site, feel free to sign up and request a 'Link Trade'. Within a few seconds, you can fill-out a registration form and will be presented a unique link to add to your web page(s). Your website will be manually reviewed and added to the links page if means the requirements. After placing the unique link on your site, our link trading script will begin to track all the visitors your link brings us and we send back to you. With more hits, the higher up your link will go and might move to the 'Top Links' box which is on the homepage and global throughout the entire site.

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