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Play free online Fighting Games
Play free online fighting and beat em ups games. Features brawler games with hand to hand bare fist combat, martial arts, or melee weapons. Get ready for close range fighting techniques.
Alien vs Predator online game
Alien vs PredatorAlien vs Predator - flash game edition. Stay alive as long as possible as a predator that is killing ...
Rated: (3.56/5 rating)
Total Plays: 16708
Play Alien vs Predator
Arm of Revenge online game
Arm of RevengeCalling all the fighters, play Arm of Revenge! Do you like Street Fighter, KOF, Devil May Cry, or Sh ...
Rated: (3.26/5 rating)
Total Plays: 4789
Play Arm of Revenge
Bohun: Revenge online game
Bohun: RevengeIn Bohun: Revenge, a online flash fighting game, you must help Bohun to kill the Dark Khan. Use your ...
Rated: (3.15/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2934
Play Bohun: Revenge
Caveman Smasher online game
Caveman SmasherYour time machine is broke. Collect machine parts using prehistoric bat.
Rated: (3.19/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2511
Play Caveman Smasher
Chaos Faction online game
Chaos FactionChaos Faction - 29 weapons, 18 characters, and 15 levels of battle / beat em up, fun free online web ...
Rated: (3.18/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3516
Play Chaos Faction
Chaos Faction 2 online game
Chaos Faction 2Play Chaos Faction 2! The sequel to the popular Chaos Faction smash-hit fighting web game. Battle yo ...
Rated: (3.52/5 rating)
Total Plays: 7925
Play Chaos Faction 2
Choose Your Weapon 2 online game
Choose Your Weapon 2The virus has mutated... good thing Glowmonkey has some new weapons! Eliminate the virus. Lots of we ...
Rated: (3.11/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2288
Play Choose Your Weapon 2
Chuck Norris online game
Chuck NorrisChuck Norris - The Attack Of Mascare Ninjas. Online fighting web game. When New York City is invaded ...
Rated: (3.05/5 rating)
Total Plays: 4627
Play Chuck Norris
City Smasher online game
City SmasherPlay City Smasher and run through the city destroying everything in your path. Finish the different ...
Rated: (3.27/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3097
Play City Smasher
Dad n Me online game
Dad n MeDad n Me - beat em up, side scroller game where you go around the neighbourhood and bully all the li ...
Rated: (3.52/5 rating)
Total Plays: 6656
Play Dad n Me
DeadEnd online game
DeadEndIt is an anti-terrorist Black Ops mission, soldier. Take no prisoners. Kill all of the terrorists.
Rated: (3.16/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2321
Play DeadEnd
Drastic Plastic online game
Drastic PlasticThe original fighting robots! Play Drastic Plastic and dust off the kids toy games which have been l ...
Rated: (3.03/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2377
Play Drastic Plastic
Electricman 2 HS online game
Electricman 2 HSA blast from the past, fast paced fighting game where you need to beat down several opponents at the ...
Rated: (3.33/5 rating)
Total Plays: 4943
Play Electricman 2 HS
Furry Fighter online game
Furry FighterChoose your cat and enter the wrestling league of Suntown city. Upgrade your cat's skills and b ...
Rated: (2.98/5 rating)
Total Plays: 7482
Play Furry Fighter
FWG Knight online game
FWG KnightDragons and their evil servants have invaded your kingdom. It's up to you to destroy this menac ...
Rated: (3.08/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1855
Play FWG Knight
Halloween Beatdown online game
Halloween BeatdownIn Halloween Beatdown, a online fighting game, you help our heroine fight off the Halloween monsters ...
Rated: (3.18/5 rating)
Total Plays: 1780
Play Halloween Beatdown
Hulk Smash Up online game
Hulk Smash UpHulk Smash Up - web game. The Incredible Hulk on a rampage. Play hulk as you climb up buildings and ...
Rated: (3.32/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3665
Play Hulk Smash Up
Jesus: The Arcade Game online game
Jesus: The Arcade GameYou take on the role of the son of God himself and are resurrected yet again to take on the forces o ...
Rated: (3.15/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2694
Play Jesus: The Arcade Game
King of Fighters - Wing online game
King of Fighters - WingThis game is based on the king of fighters which is a very popular arcade fighting game. So far, it ...
Rated: (3.14/5 rating)
Total Plays: 5135
Play King of Fighters - Wing
Little Fat Ninja online game
Little Fat NinjaAn action fighting - puzzler game where you must rid the castle of evil. Castle Volcsum has been inv ...
Rated: (3.00/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2000
Play Little Fat Ninja
Mario Combat online game
Mario CombatSuper Mario is back, but this time hes got the fighting skills! Play as Mario and kick serious butt ...
Rated: (3.13/5 rating)
Total Plays: 3572
Play Mario Combat
Matrix Rampage online game
Matrix RampageCan you survive the onslaught of agents? Use guns and swords, slam through floors and walls, throw o ...
Rated: (3.21/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2513
Play Matrix Rampage
Mobs Down online game
Mobs DownMobs Down is a fighting game. Help Michael Thorpe avenge his brothers death by taking down the mobs.
Rated: (3.13/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2602
Play Mobs Down
Mouse Megatron online game
Mouse MegatronMomotaropolis is under attack! Only you have the power to pilot Mouse Megatron with your mouse! Figh ...
Rated: (3.12/5 rating)
Total Plays: 2918
Play Mouse Megatron
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